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Oldest Continuous Business in Blackfoot

Idaho Grimm Growers Warehouse Corporation was established by local farmers in 1921. The name “Grimm” comes from the first established certified variety of alfalfa developed in the nation. The corporation handled all of the production of “Grimm” alfalfa seed, totaling up to five million pounds a year. Before modern times, all of the conditioning and cleaning of the seed was done manually.

In 1929, the original building was demolished by fire and the existing building was built in 1930. The new building structure was engineered to be fireproof and has proved its solidity for over 80 years. Throughout the 1930's Idaho Grimm Growers employed over 50 employees at a time because the bags of seed weighed 30 to 160 pounds and were moved by hand.

Over the years the market for different types and varieties of seeds have changed. Modernization of the 50's and 60's made it inevitable for the warehouse to expand its inventory. The exhausted farmland decreased the existence of natural pollinators needed for alfalfa production. Also, increased use of irrigation systems allowed for higher yields in potato production. These are just some of the factors leading to the expansion of the Idaho Grimm Growers inventory from only alfalfa to a wide range of native and introduced grasses, cereal grains, forbs, shrubs, and native wildflowers.

The 1960’s brought forth Cold War fears and the Idaho Grimm Grower’s basement was considered an effective bomb shelter due to its reinforced concrete walls. An empty space in the basement was stocked with survival supplies including a water purifier and MRE's. The supplies have now been discarded due to lack of storage room and public scare.

During the 1970’s new government programs started to develop such as the conservation reserve program (CRP) in order to rehabilitate the exhausted land. This government programs paid farmers to plant native grasses, forbes, and shrubs to stop farm production and erosion for 10 years. In order to keep up with the demand for large custom mixes, Idaho Grimm Growers purchased its first seed mixer. Custom mixes has been a service we will continue to provide for the small time land owner to the large acre farmer.

Today, Idaho Grimm Growers is still the oldest continuous business in Blackfoot, Idaho. We are proud to say that this business has seen a lot of changes throughout history but we strive to maintain our great service to the community.

Our History: About the Company
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