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Native Pollinators

Bring back the native pollinators with flower seed. We carry many different flowering varieties from dryland to irrigated gardens. 

Availability can vary but here is a list of what can have or can bring in for you. 

Alpine  Penstemon

Appar Blue Flax

Annual Flax

Annual Sunflower

Yellow Beeplant

Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Bandera Penstemon


Black Eyes Susan 

Bee Feed Flower Mix

Butterfly Mix

Colorado Columbine

California Poppy

Red Chief Poppy


Cornflower tall mixed

Dryland Flower Mix

Firecracker Penstemon

Gooseberry Leaf Globemallow

Grey Stripped Sunflower

Lacy Phacelia 

Maple Grove Flax

Maximilian Sunflower

Wild Geranium 

Mexican Hat Coneflower

Mountain Lupine 

Mountain Wildflower Mix

Munros Globemallow

Narrowleaf Penstemon

Palmers Penstemon

Prairie Coneflower

Purple Coneflower

Rocky Mountain Beeplant

Shasta Daisy 

Showy Milkweed

Scarlet Flax

Sulfur flower buckwheat

Western Wildflower Mix

Western Larkspur 

Other Flowering Varities



Delar Small Burnett

Antelope Bitterbrush

Rubber Rabbitbrush

Hairy Vetch 

Cereal Buckwheat

Yellow Sweet Clover

Red Clover

Ladino Clover

Austrian Winter Peas 

Cicer Milkvetch

And many more !

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